District Providing Mobile Internet Access

Wi-Fi enabled buses are now available and being used as Mobile Internet Access for students!            

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The Mount Vernon School District currently has 4 buses enabled with Wi-Fi.   This technology piece is new to our district. We will rely heavily on your feedback to increase locations or duration.  Our goal is to bring Wi-Fi to students, not to bring students to Wi-Fi.  Again, we will rely heavily on your feedback to make this work in the most efficient way possible, and provide access for the greatest number of students.

Some helpful tips for families:                                                                         

* A district issued devise is required in order to gain access (at least at this point)

* The Wi-Fi connection will be named, MVCOS 

* The signal will reach 200-300 ft from the bus. Depending on the proximity of the bus to the student’s home, and a variety of other factors, they may need to come out of their houses to get a better connection. 

* Students will not be allowed to board the bus and should follow all safety precautions they normally would when in proximity to the bus.   If students or families are near the bus for a better connection they need to maintain all safe social distancing guidelines set forth by the Health Department and Governor proclamations. 

* Problems connecting to Wi-Fi should be directed to the Tech Department at 360-428-6252       

* Concerns about the bus itself should be directed to the Trans Department at 360-428-6147

Location:AM WindowPM Window
1400 N 30th(Mobile Manor)10:00 -12:00 
Urban Ave (Between Poplar Ln and Vintage Ln- west side of street) 10:00 -12:00 
220 E Section10:00 -12:00 
Kulshan View and N 26th10:00 -12:00 
  1:00 – 3:00
  1:00 – 3:00
  1:00 – 3:00

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