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March 15, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Poster Contest – The Skagit Conservation is holding its poster contest. Check out the details inside.
  • Seniors and Parents of Seniors – Please read the important announcement
  • Featured Senior Ms. Hannah Nemnich – Rotary Student of the Month, WAY TO GO!! 
  • Developing Students’ Self Esteem – Check out the link for suggestions for parents
  • Dates to Remember – Mark them down 😎
  • LC Kindergarten – 4th Grade Core Schedule
  • Connection Opportunities
  • And more…

March 8, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Do You Plan to Have Your Child(ren) Return to On Campus Instruction? – If so, please click on the corresponding link to submit your survey.
  • Parent Q & A Session For Parents Who Have 3rd & 4th Graders in Core L.A and or Math – Parents with students who are planning to have their child return to on campus instruction for their core classes, please attend this week’s meeting. Zoom link is in the newsletter.
  • Schedule for Kindergarten – 4th grade
  • Masks to Fit Little Faces 
  • Parent Workshop – Self Esteem
  • March 12 – No School
  • Other Dates to Remember
  • Announcement For Seniors and Their Parents
  • Students Return to In-Person Learning K-4 – You’ll want to look at this
  • And more….

March 1, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Picture Day Instructions – When is your time to arrive? Please take a look to see when you can come and have your child’s picture taken.
  • Returning to In-Person Learning – So Exciting!! Please take a look at the schedule for students coming back on campus 
  • Fall Schedule for 21-22 – Find out when we plan to have fall enrollment for classes offered at SA
  • Dates to Remember
  • Parking Lot Safety
  • Choice Transfers – If you live outside the Mount Vernon school district, you’ll want to read this 
  • Materials and Fines
  • Intent to Return for Prep and Academy
  • Have Questions??  – Please send your questions to Katrina Johnston at for the Parent Q and A Newsletter
  • Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Schedules
  • Connection Opportunities
  • And more….

February 22, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Picture Day is Coming March 5th – So be sure to mark your calendars
  • March 11 – Last day to submit RPR’s for LC students
  • March 12 – No School
  • April 5-9 – Spring break 
  • MisinfoDay 
  • Academy 5-12 Events
  • And more….

February 17, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Picture Day at SA – March 5th. You can pick up an order form from the school or you can order online.
  • Valuable Tips – Check out the website for management tools and ideas for motivating your student
  • Dates to Remember
  • Black History Month – Websites to view in honor of Black History Month
  • Featured Artist Ms. Osha O’Gormley
  • Academy 5-12 Events
  • Math with Mrs. Putnam’s Class

February 8, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Want Some Tips On Motivation & Time Management? Join the parent workshop on Wednesday at 2pm. Zoom link is included in the newsletter.
  • Featured Alumni Student Mackenzie Sexton – Way to go!
  • Update On K-1 Returning Onsite
  • Featured Poem by Mercedes Rodriguez
  • Resources For Black History Month
  • Community Tech Fair
  • No School Monday, February 15th – Presidents’ Day
  • COVID 19 Vaccine Info
  • And more….

February 1, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • New Homework Collection Time – Be sure to check it out 
  • STAR Testing Info
  • Thank You’s
  • Mental Health Wellness Links
  • Featured Parent and Student
  • Last Day to Submit a Remote Purchase Request for LC Students
  • No School  – When? Take a look 
  • Spring Break
  • SA Picture Day – March 5th
  • Curriculum Turn In
  • In Case You Missed It – Your child’s supplies
  • Connection Opportunities
January 25, 2021 View as a PDF:
  • New Homework Collection Time
  • Parent Workshop – Motivation & Time Management
  • Artifact of Achievement (AoA)
  • Senior Spotlight – Mr. Billy Rodio
  • Featured Project from Mia Adkerson – Nice job!
  • Picture Day at SA
  • No School Feb 15th – Presidents’ Day
  • March 11 – Last day to submit RPR’s for LC students
  • March 12 – No School
  • April 5-9 – Spring break 
  • STAR Results – Please read
  • And more….

January 19, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Recognition of Martin Luther King Day
  • Be the Tie Breaker – One question survey to determine when homework will be due
  • Supply Pick Up – This Friday….Take a look to see when your time is to come by the school to get your supplies. There is something for everyone.
  • Parent Group –  Tomorrow, the topic is Mental Health for Students. The zoom link is in the newsletter. Just click on the link to join the group at 2pm on Wednesday
  • LC Registration Extended For One More Day 
  • Dates to Remember
  • Featured Artwork by Melia Grey – Nicely done!
  • Connection Opportunities

January 11, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Mock Interviewers Needed – Calling on parents who would like to volunteer to help prepare a student through the interview process. Please read the details in the newsletter. Your willingness to volunteer will speak volumes to our young people.  
  • One Question Survey – When would you like to have your child’s homework distributed and collected. We would love your feedback.
  • Thank You’s 
  • High School Registration
  • Parent Group Topic this Wednesday – Mental Health for Students
  • Important Dates to Remember
  • Second Semester Registration – Has been modified from last week. Please read how registration will happen on Tuesday, January 14th.
  • 2nd Semester Supply Pickup – Find out when your time will be to come and get your supplies.
  • Student Government Announcement
  • Staff Spotlight – Um…it’s me 

January 5, 2021 View as a PDF:

  • Parent Groups Are Merging – The new groups will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. The topic on the 13th will be ‘Mental Wellness for Students’. So parents, if you can, please plan to join the discussion of this very important topic. *The zoom link for this meeting is in this newsletter.
  • Homework Distribution Survey – It’s time to be heard. Please click on the survey in the newsletter to give us feedback on when you would like your child’s homework to be distributed and collected. Thank you in advance!
  • Kudos to Academy Running Start Students – Highest GPA on Record During Covid Shutdown – Keep up the great work!
  • Student Spotlight – Take a moment to listen to Colin Manzuk’s cell theory timeline. Great Job!
  • How to Support Your Teen Resource Website
  • Academy Alumna – Emma Heiland
  • Keeping Warm Through Kindness Project – Still accepting items though January 22nd 🙂
  • Second Semester Registration – It’s a bit different this year so please read the description in the newsletter.
  • No School – Look to see which days
  • Second Semester Begins – No zoom classes or Lunch Bunch but there will be weekly classwork to complete and the STAR assessment to take.
  • Connection Opportunity Links

December 15, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • No Assignment Sheets This Friday – Find out when week 16 will be distributed in the newsletter
  • A Message from Superintendent Dr. Vivanco
  • Cell Project from Mrs. Semrau’s Class – Made me hungry looking at all of them. Nicely done!
  • Winter Break – Coming up 
  • Additional Study Sessions Coming Soon – Find out when…it’s in the newsletter 
  • Students Display of Ancient Egypt Region from Mrs. Jones 5/6 Social Studies – Amazing!
  • Students Display of Bud, Not Buddy from Mrs. McGehee’s 5/6 English Class – Way to go!
  • Other Dates to Remember and Mark On Your Calendars
  • And more….

December 9, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • Parent Survey Results
  • Keeping Warm Through Kindness – We are still accepting donations 
  • Dates to Remember – This week is Crazy Hair Week. We are hoping to see some interesting doos in the upcoming newsletter.
  • Senior Spotlight – Miss Sydney Bovenkamp
  • Getting Creative with Keva Planks
  • A Sneva Thanksgiving Classic
  • Connection Opportunities

November 30, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • Dates to Remember – Be sure to mark your calendars
  • Crazy Hair Week – Let’s have some fun with this one!
  • Face Mask and Winter Sweater Week – This event has been the product of some very interesting winter sweaters in the past years. Lets see your originalities come through. Again, you can send your pictures to Katrina Johnston and possibly get your winter sweater and/or face mask showcased in the next newsletter.
  • Senior Spotlight
  • Teacher Spotlight
  • Nutcracker Info
  • And more….

November 18, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • School Pictures Coming to Skagit Academy – When? Take a look inside and be sure to mark your calendars.
  • No School Dates to Mark On Your Calendar
  • Highlight of One of Our Students Artwork – Way to go Osha!
  • Thank You Officer Elton
  • Student Mental Health Support
  • Connection Opportunities

November 9, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • Parent Survey – Please try again if you were not able to last week. Every voice is important to us and we want to hear from you 🙂
  • No School in Observance of Veterans Day
  • Skagit Academy Alumni
  • Links to view: Honoring Our Veterans, Reconnecting, Moving Beyond the Page

November 2, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • Fall Parent Survey – Parents, please take time to fill this out. We rely heavily on your feedback…Thank You 
  • No School – When? Take a look inside
  • I’ts PJ Week – Send in your photos
  • Resources For Fun Physical Activities
  • Keva Plank Users
  • Connection Opportunities
  • And more….

October 20, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • New Times For the Following – Lunch Bunch, AC/Prep Parent, Connection, Choice Board Show & Tell, Hot Chocolate Chat
  • Advising Time Stays the Same
  • Process for Ordering Remote Class Materials
  • Student Government Officers
  • Student Showcase
  • Zoom Mtg – Waiting and Class Arrival
  • Connection Opportunities
  • And more….

October 12, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • Math Help For Running Start Students
  • Students of Ms. Barb’s Elective Class  – There are paint tubs you can pick up in the foyer for her class
  • Tips On Making A Schedule For Better Success
  • District Calendar – They have arrived, you can pick one up in the foyer
  • Office Hours for Students and/or Parents
  • AC Student Government Elections
  • Math Core 3/4 – Estimation is the game
  • Scavenger Hunt Ideas
  • Lunch Bunch

October 7, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • Zoom Link For Today’s Parent Connection Group – We would love to hear from you!
  • High School Math Study Session
  • Form Student Study Groups
  • Kahoot It – You’ll have to read this to find out what Kahoot is 🙂
  • Update AC 5-12 Government Elections
  • Have Art? – Please email Katrina Johnston at if you’d like your child’s work to be displayed in the next newsletter
  • SA Connection Opportunities – This is a great time to connect with teachers and other parents. It’s an open forum so you can connect on any topic that you’d like to share or get ideas from other parents. This is also a great time for students to stay connected as well. 
  • Thank You to Mr. Steve Sexton

September 28, 2020 View as a PDF:

  • Hot Chocolate Chat
  • Kudos
  • Academy 5-12 Government Elections
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Zoom Meeting Info
  • Meeting for 10th and 11th Graders Who Are Interested In Running Start

Newsletter Archive

June 23, 2020 (Week #19) View as a PDF… Here

  • A Fond Farewell
  • Kudos
  • The Show Must Go Online and Much Azoom About Nothing – Watch the theatrical performances online, links are included in the newsletter 
  • Prep/Academy Yearbook – You can purchase your yearbook online. Please click on the link below to order your yearbook by the 25th! 

June 2, 2020 (Week #16) View as a PDF… Here

  • Incoming Prep and Academy Meeting
  • LC Registration – Here we go….June 5th
  • LC June Advising – Please contact your advisor. 
  • Offsite Portfolios Due
  • Last Day To Submit Work
  • Advising Meetings for Prep 5/6 and Academy 7-12
  • Last Day of School…..JUNE 19

May 26, 2020 (Week #15) View as a PDF… Here

  • How To Apply For College and Get Scholarship Offers – Meeting is today at 4pm. The zoom link is below. If you’re interested in finding out more, please come back to this email at 4pm and click on the link below.
  • New Students to Prep 5/6 and Academy 7/12 – Parent Zoom Meeting on June 4th at 4pm. A zoom link will be sent to you the day of the meeting.
  • Advising Meetings – Must have so we can have your child’s Learning Plan in place for the fall.
  • High School Students – Offsite Portfolios Due 6/12
  • Mobile Internet Access – Attached to flyer
  • Skagit Academy Grading Policy – Attached to flyer
  • And more…..

May 19, 2020 (Week #14) View as a PDF… Here

  • High School Registration 
  • Recognition
  • New Students Attending Prep and Academy In the Fall –  Parent Meeting
  • Offsite Portfolio’s Due
  • Required Advising Meetings
  • And more….

May 12, 2020 (Week #13) View as a PDF… Here

  • A Shout Out To Our Seniors!!! 
  • High School Registration – Current high schoolers and incoming 9th graders
  • Thank You’s
  • Running Start Parent Meeting

May 5, 2020 (Week #12) View as a PDF… Here

  • Returning Next Year
  • Would You Like To Adopt A Senior? Please see flyer for details
  • Way To Go Sarah!!
  • Last Day To Submit School Work
  • Last Day Of School
  • AP Computer Science Test
  • Running Start Prep Parent Meeting
  • High School Registration Meeting

April 22, 2020 (Week #11) View as a PDF… Here

  • B-I-N-G-O! Open for everyone to play
  • Kudos
  • Kitchen Chemistry

April 13, 2020 View as a PDF… Here

  • What Students Are Doing At Home
  • AP Computer Science Test Info
  • Running Start Prep Info
  • Free Keyboarding

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