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When does school start?

Wednesday, September 2nd

Can I get my curriculum before September 2nd?

Our first priority is to keep our staff and families safe, which means doing our best to limit exposure for everyone. Having all materials, technology, and other materials picked up by families on one day is efficient and allows us to better manage safety protocols. Also, we continue to receive orders daily – some deliveries of which are delayed due to a disruption in services.

We are using a new process for checking out materials that will allow us to keep better track of materials but it also takes a little longer to process. | will be sharing more information with you later about our new Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) that we are very excited to have created for our parents. More on the CRC later.

What will happen on the first day of school?

We are very much looking forward to seeing our students and families on September 2nd! You will receive future communication from us letting you know a window of time to come to school to pick up curricula that you had ordered, Chromebooks if needed, and materials and curricula if your child is enrolled in Learning Center Core or elective classes, Prep (grades 5/6) or the Academy (7-12).

All of our teachers will be present on that day to welcome students. We will maintain proper social distancing by asking families to remain in their cars as they pick-up their materials.

When will the first homework weekly plan for core classes be distributed?

Friday, September 11 at 9:00am

What will we do for the first week?

There will be a series of tasks for ‘homework’ for September 2-10. You will receive that list when you come to the parking lot kick-off event.

What do I do on September 2nd if I have students in AC, PREP or LC?

Enter the parking lot, turn right, follow traffic through the whole lot and exit.

Will we have classes on campus in a hybrid learning model, or will all instruction be provided remotely?

Skagit Academy, like the rest of the Mount Vernon School District, will operate remotely through December 18th. The school district will reassess the situation at that time to determine the instructional model beginning in January.

We heard the district is doing a “Remote Plus” model. Does that include onsite kindergarten classes?

The “Plus” portion of the model may include some onsite, specialized instruction for students who have Individualized Education Plans. Kindergarten classes will be provided remotely.

While this will be disappointing news for some of you, you can be assured that we are looking at kindergarten with extra special considerations. A quality experience begins with a quality teacher. Jodi Boon is returning to Skagit Academy from maternity leave to teach the Kindergarten Experience class. Jodi will provide interactive instruction to students in smaller groupings than our other classes to better ensure all students get attention and the opportunity to share and engage with their peers.

Will Chromebooks be available again for check-out?

You recently received a survey asking about your family’s access to computer technology and internet connectivity. If you indicate on the survey the need to borrow a Chromebook(s), we will distribute it to you at the September 2nd Kick-Off. For those with spotty internet connectivity where a hot spot would help, we will have those available as well.

This year, families will be held responsible for the condition of the Chromebooks when they are returned to the school. Unfortunately, we had a number of our Chromebooks returned in June that had their labels scratched-off, numbers removed, and some other damage. Fines will be assessed for damage to the Chromebooks upon return.

Will meal services and child care be available?

Our school district will again have meal service available at the district’s schools that have a kitchen. There is also a limited amount of child care provided in some of the other school buildings in the district. We will send out more information as it becomes available, but if you want more information about these services as soon as possible, please contact Kerri Brooks ( to let her know and we will be sure you get that information.

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