Czoberek, Deirdre

Name: Deirdre Czoberek

Position/Duties: Teacher


Resources: Coming Soon

Current Classes: Coming Soon


Deirdre Czoberek is a brand new addition to Skait Academy. As the Academy’s art specialist, she will be teaching art electives in the Learning Center and art appreciation to the high school Academy students. Deirdre has lived in Mount Vernon for over twenty years with a brief foray to Montpelier, Vermont for graduate school residency.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Washington and a Masters of Teaching degree from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Though she did not homeschool her two children, she believes that parents are the primary teachers for their children. While her daughter and son were attending Mount Vernon schools, Deirdre started to teach art in afterschool programs throughout the valley. These activities developed into a colorful career path as a teaching artist.

This fall Deirdre and her husband Charlie will become empty nesters or as a friend countered, “free birds”. Their son Ivan will join sister Ava at the University of Washington. No need to fear boredom when living in a 1905 house. The list of projects goes on and on. In addition to house projects, Deirdre plans to do more of her own art, read, get outside, and write letters to friends and family.

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