DeVries, Denelle 

Name: Denelle DeVries

Position: Learning Center Lead Teacher


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Denelle DeVries graduated from Northwest University in 1996 with her BA in Elementary Education and shortly following added her first son to her, now, a family of four children. She is a native of the Skagit Valley, growing up in Anacortes, attending college in Kirkland, and returning to live in Mount Vernon as a farmer’s wife since 1994.

She began her Master’s in Educational Leadership in fall 2019. Obtaining a master’s has been a lifelong goal, but was placed on hold while she raised her family and supported her husband in his farming efforts. In October 2020, she will be doing her principal internship at SA, through the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Mrs. DeVries is known as Miss Denelle at Skagit Academy. She has been with the school since it partnered with Mount Vernon School District in 2005. She started with teaching two elementary reading classes each week and is now, 15 years later, part of the Leadership Team at the school as the Learning Center Lead Teacher. Her heart is fully captured with the Alternative Learning Experience! You will often hear her say, “I LOVE MY JOB!” Besides her husband and four children, working with the staff, parents, and students at SA is her passion.

Miss Denelle’s ‘most favoritest’ thing to do is teach Musical Drama. She began the drama program at Skagit Academy in 2005 with the show “Snow Biz!” She has had the opportunity to teach and learn from hundreds of students through 25 live and one online performance. Miss Denelle and Miss Adele are the “Drama Duo” at SA, and it has been a privilege to be partnered up with such a supportive co-instructor. The whole thing has been a FUN, rewarding, sometimes difficult, and growing experience!

While Skagit Academy has been her workplace, it has also been two of her children’s school. One son graduated from SA in June 2020, and another is still a student anticipated to graduate in 2022. Her favorite things to do are to teach drama, sing (especially with her sisters), do just about anything with friends, play word games, cook, binge watch a Netflix series, try new things at restaurants, hike, travel, laugh a lot, and read a good fiction novel.

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