Marker, Patrick

Name: Patrick Marker

Position/Duties: Teacher/Advisor


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About Mr. Marker:

After graduating from Jamestown College (North Dakota) on a Friday in December of 1986, Mr. Marker started his teaching career the following Monday in the small Minnesota town of Cosmos. The elementary school was located on Saturn Street and Mr. Marker lived just off Milky Way. During that first (half) year of teaching, Mr. Marker and his 19 students created a program that eventually motivated 250,000+ students in every state and seven countries to turn off the TV in order to focus on their studies and quality family time.

Mr. Marker taught in Minnesota until 1995 when he received an offer to move to Washington to join a new internet company that connected schools to the Internet. The job allowed him to return home (he grew up in Snohomish) and travel to schools throughout the United States. He has been to every state once and is ten states away from a second visit to each.

Mr. Marker was the technology coordinator at St. Joseph’s School in Seattle from 2004 until 2007, when his oldest child was born. Marker homeschools his two children (both enrolled at Skagit Academy) who share his enthusiasm for traveling, fishing, french onion soup, bedtime reading, disc golf and waffle-fueled study sessions with friends.

Mr. Marker has been involved with Skagit Academy (formerly the “Skagit Family Learning Center”) for many years, first as a volunteer (when his nieces and nephews attended) and then as a contractor teacher. Now a part-time teacher and advisor at the school, Mr. Marker believes that educational success (especially in math) often comes from learning from our mistakes and a willingness to embrace the wisdom found in wrong answers.

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