McGehee, Jana

Name: Jana McGehee

Position/Duties: Teacher


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Current Classes: Coming Soon


Jana McGehee was born and raised in the wonderful woods and on the blissful beaches of Whidbey Island (the “South End”). Intending to continue to commercial fish, and teach off in the Alaska ‘bush’ somewhere, she got her Bachelors of Education from University of Alaska Fairbanks, with a minor in Alaska Native Studies. But alas, she married their skiff man, a warm-blood from Florida. He was not about to stay in the frigid north. Venturing around, she has taught school on the space coast of Florida, then closer to home in Pasco (the Tri-Cities), and now here in Skagit County.

Jana is extremely happy to have been in this beautiful valley for over twenty years now. And, very grateful to be working with the best families and staff in the world. Jana and her kids, Darby, Gus, and Erik, have been connected with Skagit Academy nearly since it’s beginning days. Soon enough she was soon given the opportunity to dust off her teaching degree: teaching elective classes and advising families. Just as our school has grown over the years, so too has her job. She is currently teaching Learning Center electives, Prep 5th and 6th grade English Language Arts, Academy 7th and 8th grade English, and rounding it off with advisory to the 5th grade Prep students.

Being and working outside is one of Jana’s favorite things to be doing. Teamwork and laughter are her favorite mode of operation. She also enjoys reading, listening to, and talking about books. So make sure and chat with her about your current reads! And, whatever else you’re up to. She is so looking forward to visits!!

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