Putnam, Alexandra

Name: Alexandra Putnam

Position/Duties: Teacher

Email: aputnam@mvsd320.org

Resources: Coming Soon

Current Classes: Coming Soon


Alex Putnam is a former student of Skagit Academy who graduated in 2015. You may have seen her perform in a variety of Musical Drama productions, such as the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, or Fin O’Grady in Once Upon a Leprechaun. She participated in the Running Start program at Skagit Valley College before transferring to Western Washington University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, majoring in Human Development. This is her second year teaching at Skagit Academy, this year teaching first and second grade math. She lives in Everett with her husband, Justin, two sons, George and Max, and german shepherd, Ranger. She is the oldest of the Rodio family, and you may have a class with one of her siblings! She enjoys reading, coffee, gaming, and watching The Office on repeat.

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