Web Scavenger Hunt 2

There are 25 possible questions. Below are 15 questions that were selected just for you!

If you miss a question or two, search for the correct answers and try again!

1. How many dogs does Mrs. Cheney have?
2. What is the German word for "Scavenger Hunt"?
3. Which staff member backpacked in the North Cascades this summer?
4. What does CRC stand for at Skagit Academy?
5. Who created Video Tutorial #3
6. Who is Miss Belle?
7. Which staff member graduated from Skagit Academy as a student?
8. Where did Miss Jade grow up?
9. Skagit Academy (formerly "Skagit Family Learning Center") began as an "alternative learning program" in what year?
10. Which staff member worked on Saturn?
11. What was the first play that Miss Denelle directed for the school?
12. Which teacher has eight children?
13. Who is the school's Assistant Principal?
14. In her staff photo, what is Mrs. Semrau holding?
15. What activity is Ms. Brigitta just starting to enjoy?

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